When summer comes along, thousands of people ditch work to spend some time in the water. Some of them go for cruises. Others rent fishing boats. But the fun-loving crowd hops on surfboards and rides a few waves. Afterwards, they have a post-surf beer, tell epic surf stories, and do it all over again.

If that sounds like something you’ve never done, you are in good company. We have everything you need to know about surfing. From the list of equipment to the best places to go surfing in the UK.

Getting Started

The first thing that comes to mind when surfing pops up in a conversation is obviously the board. You want the right surfboard for your bodyweight and natural conditions. Other than that, you’ll also need to wax the board and bring a leash. The wax is supposed to provide a grip on the board. The leash ensures the surfboard is right next to you at all times.

Choosing a Surf Destination

There are many surfing spots across the UK, most of which are often overlooked. The best ones, though, are quite crowded during the high and low tides. But they often have watersport schools that help beginners get their feet wet.

Going Pro

After years of practice, surfers can try their hand in the pro surfing competitions and make a name for themselves while at it. Most of these competitions are designed to test the surfer’s speed, ability to manoeuvre, and endurance in the most treacherous conditions.