Bali as one of the greatest destination for surfing in Southeast Asia

Bali is the island that is honored in International Travel magazine for many times. This is one of the greatest places for surfing in Southeast Asia. Bali is a surfing paradise, any visitor to Bali has at least one surfing experience, to satisfy the pleasure of riding on the top of the silver waves, challenging your patience and courage.

Just one surfing in Bali, you will be very interested in this sport, and addicted to surfing whenever you come to the island here. If you’ve never tried surfing, try this summer to start an adventure with this unique beach sport!

Bali is home to a tropical climate, with a fresh atmosphere, so Bali is suitable for both Western travelers who want to find warm places and also Eastern tourists already familiar with the tropical climate. The best time in Bali is usually around April to October in the dry season.

Bali not only has famous waves but also the beaches around the island are equally beautiful. Coming to the beaches in Bali, you will immediately love clear blue water, smooth sandy beaches and rows of palm, green coconut.

In Bali, you have many choices for surfing places. For the first time, you can go to Kuta beach to explore. Then, get used to the light waves and learn to surf, or if you are a pro. Surely, the Kima or Berawa beach will bring you many challenges and experience more.

Surfing in Bali

In Bali, surfing is not only a sport but also associated with the culture of the people here. This is a part of their lives. Not only do you easily find many shops selling surf equipment, but you can talk to people about surfing experiences at any time, learn technical tips from the people themselves.

Bali will bring you new experiences, interesting things of life, learn a new sport and discover your perseverance and courage. Bali is a wonderful place, bringing you countless emotions, making your summer more vivid and special than ever.