Chinese superman Sun Yang continues to lose face in the world swimming tournament

The incident occurred after the men’s 200m freestyle final, in which Sun Yang won first gold, Katsuhiro Matsumoto (Japan) won silver, and Martin Malyutin and Scott shared bronze. However, at the medal ceremony, Sun Yang (who has won the Olympic three times) lost face when Scott refused to shake hands and boycott the stand of the medal, before refusing to take souvenir photos.

This is the latest aggressive action from the athlete against Sun Yang at the tournament in Gwangju after a doping report from the World Swimming Federation (FINA) was leaked that Chinese super fisherman used a hammer to destroy his own blood vial when the inspection team came to test him on his home in September last year. The report raises criticism aimed at FINA for the “green light” decision for Sun Yang to compete in South Korea despite China’s most famous fisherman being labeled a “doping fraud” for years.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Sun Yang

According to AFP, disgusted because of losing face again, Sun Yang responded with a sarcastic action when he waved his hand to Scott and said, “You are a loser – I won!”.

The move of the Chinese super fisherman forced FINA to raise a warning about respect for the rules and the tournament for Scott and Mack Horton, the former Australian athlete also boycotted the medal podium with Sun Yang at 400m freestyle men.

According to the international press, the rivalry between Horton and Sun Yang continued to be more intense. Both glared at each other when they met the pool during the 800m freestyle competition. Even after passing the opponent, Sun Yang still threw angry eyes at Horton before waving to the fans to leave the competition area.

These two competitors competed in different freestyle 800m qualifying rounds, and both will not have a chance to get excited at each other again in the final round (because Horton failed to qualify, and Sun Yang safely went on with the achievement of ranked 8 qualifying).

Earlier, at the 400m freestyle content awards ceremony, Horton – who won the silver medal – refused to stand next to Sun Yang (won the gold medal) on the podium for photographers. The Australian athlete’s action rekindled the excitement between the two fishermen from the 2016 Olympics. In that year’s tournament, Horton called Sun Yang a “doping cheater” because the Chinese athlete was once banned from competing for use. banned substances and are always suspected of being involved in high performance thanks to performance enhancers.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Sun Yang

The boycott also angered Sun Yang and accused him of being disrespectful to China.” Sun Yang’s accusations provoked the online community, leading Chinese netizens to Horton’s Instagram to leave mocking, provoking, and even threatening threats against Australian athletes and his family.

Jack McLoughlin – Horton’s teammate, condemned the threats after playing on 23.7. AFP quoted McLoughlin’s statement: “The threats are so bad, I don’t curse my worst enemy like that. This is really bad for everyone, for swimming and sports in general. I think his opinion (Horton) is right”.

Sun Yang, who declared himself innocent during his three-month ban in 2014, once again competes in the shadow of a doping cloud over a doping hammer. Despite not being banned from FINA’s participation in the world tournament, Sun Yang can receive a sentence that will lead to early termination of his career when the World Doping Prevention Agency (WADA) appealed FINA’s decision to the Arbitration Court international sport (CAS).