Discover 3 adventure water sports in Taiwan

Not only attracts tourists by tourist attractions and special cuisines, Taiwan also makes a bold impression in the hearts of travelers with underwater games that challenge humans.

Taiwan is considered one of the localities that own many beautiful beaches and is also the place where many diverse and varied water sports activities take place.

Some typical activities you can participate in when visiting the island of pearl of Taiwan such as surfing, scuba diving, canoeing or kayaking, each will bring you many good memories.


Surfing is one of the oldest sports in the world, surfing requires quite a lot of techniques and is popular in many countries. Surfing also requires complex techniques, needs good endurance, will be a new experience for those who love thrills.

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In Taiwan, this is a favorite water sport activity because it owns many beautiful beaches such as Donghe, Fulong or Jinzun with comfortable surfing areas.

In particular, the southern seas such as Jialeshui or Kenting Park have areas for beginners to surf, so do not hesitate to fly to Taiwan to challenge yourself with surfing. it’s dangerous?


As one of the 15 scuba diving destinations in the Asia-Pacific region selected by the Asia Scuba Diving Exhibition Organizer.

These places have more than 60 species of corals and more than 1,000 species of fish living together, including many rare species such as humpback whales or sperm whales.

What’s more amazing when you have the opportunity to explore the wonders of the ocean, watching the vivid coral reefs around the volcano and many unique marine creatures to enrich your experience.

If you don’t want to dive but still enjoy the beauty of the ocean? You can visit the Taiwan Sea on a glass-bottomed boat.


You can watch the sunrise from anywhere, but welcoming the moment to start the day from the Pacific will be a great experience for you when you come to Taiwan. From May to September is the ideal time for passengers to sail to see the sun in Qingshui.

At 800m above sea level, Qingshui is a cliff with a length of 21km. This is an ideal place for you to admire the natural scenery, watching the sunrise and the beautiful sunset.