Enjoy exciting water sports in the most unique beaches in the UK

England’s beaches are more than just pebbles in heavy rain and strong winds; The UK has thousands of miles of beaches with diverse landscapes, so you can find white sand beaches with beautiful sparkling waters in England.

Prepare for surprises with tropical seascapes at Britain’s most unique beaches as follows.

Man O’War Beach, Dorset

The Man O’War Sea has a Mediterranean twist with precarious hills and rocks named after the jellyfish Man O’War – not because there are many jellyfish here – but because of the beach’s distinctive jellyfish-shaped sea.

Near the edge of the water, you will often see some people snorkeling around the rocks in the waves. Wander around to see all of this charming waterfront and the shape of this horseshoe-shaped bay. Stop by Lulworth Lodge Hotel, a 6-minute drive from the beach or an hour’s walk, to hear the waves crashing from your suite!

Brancaster Beach, Norfolk

This beach stretches for miles on the Norfolk coastline and is even larger as the water recedes, as the golden sands reach out of sight, reminiscent of New Zealand. It is also a nature reserve, famous for the wildlife of diverse animals, such as migratory birds, that you can see in the sky among the clouds.

This is a great place to take a relaxing walk, explore the ferry lagoons, gorges, and swamps before watching the sunset from the green lawn. Stay in a rustic wood-built suite with antique furniture and marine-themed decor at The Ship Hotel, just a 20-minute walk from the beach.

Portrush Whiterocks Beach, Northern Ireland

Located on Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coastal Route, this stunning beach is backed by white limestone cliffs that stretch from Curran Strand to Dunluce Castle. The terrain here looks astonishing like the Canary Islands, with cliffs facing the sea.

Ocean waves crashing on the cliffs create a system of caves and ancient rock formations, waiting for visitors to explore. This is also an extremely popular place for surfers, windsurfing, and kayaking