Frequently asked questions about kite surfing for beginners (Part 4)

How fast can a kiteboard go?

The reckless people riding the speed channels in Dakhla and South France reached speeds past the 50 bottlenecks.

Is kiteboarding an Olympic sport?

It is getting there. Kiteboarding is now a Youth Olympics sport where they are competing in races. It is set to enter the adult arena in 2024.

Nothing, for most people. Some purists may say that kite surfing is when you surf, and kite surfing is when you are walking on flat water. But it doesn’t matter. Kiteboarding is generally a more common term, used to describe any activity on the water with a kite and board.

The difference between windsurfing and kite surfing

Windsurfing comes first and naturally, differentiates it from casual surfing by adding a wind element to the name. If we stick with kite surfing, windsurfing should be called windsurfing. That will never happen.

Windsurfing is a windsurfing sport that uses masts and sails to exploit the wind. Kitesurfing is a table sport that uses a kite to exploit the wind.

Kiteboarding is now a Youth Olympics sport where they are competing in races

Can you use a Wakeboard to kiteboard?

Oh yes, you can. You will need to be providing a fair bit of compensation to compensate for the great rockers on your Wakeboard though. Kiteboards flew earlier and went against the wind better than wakeboards.

Boards and shoes

Today, many kiteboards are designed as hybrids and can also be used for awakening.

Who invented kite surfing?/When to start kite surfing?/Where does kite surfing originate?

Although there have been many attempts to use a kite to travel on water in the ’80s and possibly even ’70s, most people believe that the French Legaignoux brothers are the inventors of modern kite surfing.

They invented and commercialized the pumping kite first in 1997, it was then mass-produced and entered mainstream under the Wipika brand name.

Maui has always been at the forefront of canoeing thanks to ordinary people obsessed with water sport in general, so a lot of pioneers in the sport come from legends like Laird Hamilton, Robby Naish, and Lou Wainman.