The most beautiful beaches in the UK for surfers (Part 1)

The bustling and ancient UK is not only famous for world-class cultural heritage, but also the beaches here fascinate millions of tourists.

British beaches receive Blue Flag certification for the highest standards of cleanliness, beauty and safety. Discover the most beautiful beaches in England.

Durdle Door Beach, Dorset

Talking about the most beautiful beach in England, you cannot miss Durdle beach. The beach was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001 and is now one of the natural wonders, including the US Grand Canyon and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Natural limestone arches are formed when the power of waves erodes rocks and creates a gap. The name Durdle is derived from the old English word “thirl”, meaning stab or drill. From a distance, Durdle looks like a long neck dinosaur is wishing his head into the sea to drink water!

You can reach the cobblestone beach by walking across the hill from Lulworth Cove. If you ride, you can park your car on top of the Durdle Door Holiday Park cliff. From here, there is also a way to go down to the pebbles beach

You should visit here between September and May. At this time the beach and the pebble beach is very quiet due to few tourists. If you arrive during peak hours, you should use public transport, walking or cycling. If you are traveling by car, it is best to arrive early or arrive at the end of the day to ensure parking.

The sea water is very clean so you can take a bath anywhere. However, since there are no lifeguards, you should be wary of deserted areas. There is a refreshing kiosk with picnic seats on the top of the cliff for travelers to rest. You can visit souvenirs, beach equipment and gifts at the nearby store.