The most popular water sports in the world nowadays

Sport has a very important role in our lives. Sport helps us to be healthy, supple, and refreshed. In sports, water sports also attract a certain number of people. Join us to learn about 5 exciting water sports today.


Swimming attracts a large number of lovers around the world. By the popularity of swimming. So what is swimming? Swimming is a sport where people have to move on the water in different movements. Swimming also helps us to avoid the dangers when underwater.

This is the sport most practiced by its necessity and popularity. You can easily find surrounding swimming pools as well as open swimming classes. Along with the benefits that swimming brings, this is the most favorite sport of water sports.

Water polo

The second sport the article would like to mention is water polo. This is a combination of swimming and handball. This water polo requires a lot of sides.

In addition to health and the ability to swim, solidarity among the members is also needed. Water polo is played in teams. A match will be a scramble between two teams. And at the end of the match the side that scores more goals wins.

Water sports are among the most popular water sports. Also by the benefits brought to each individual but also joy, team spirit.

Jet Ski

If you are a speed lover and you also love water sports then Jet Ski is a sport not to be missed.

Jet Ski players will use a water jet and ride on the water at high speed. You will not be surprised when this sport is ranked in the top 7 of water sports. Because of its fun as well as the experience of this sport.


This is a sport that has been around for quite some time in Europe. But until recently in Vietnam was the new favorite. Skateboarding is considered an adventure game. Players use aboard and surf on the water. This game requires lots of skills from players.

However, surfing gives you the feeling of being conquered and the strange experience you desire. Surely windsurfing will not disappoint you.


Above are the top 4 favorite water sports in the world nowadays. Each subject gives you different experiences and feelings. But in general, they are very helpful for your health and spirit.