The Top 3 Surfing Destinations in Great Britain

Catching great waves doesn’t always mean heading off to Hawaii, Bali, or somewhere along those lines. These destinations may have sunshine pretty much all the time. But only a few of them can match the UK’s 11,000 kilometres of coastline, dotted with epic surf spots.

From beginner peaks in Cornwall to expert-friendly reef breaks in Scotland, there’s always something for everyone.

Watergate Bay, Cornwall

Two miles of beach at low-tides and surfer-friendly hotels characterise the Watergate Bay in Cornwall. It is known for picking up some good swells from the Atlantic, making it perfect for most watersports. And it also hosts a full-blown surf school teaching all kinds of “extreme’ watersports to those who want it. However, Watergate can get quite crowded during high tide. But that should not put you off.

Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset

Popularly known as K-bay, Kimmeridge Bay is arguably one of the top surfing destinations in the United Kingdom, thanks to its long mellow reef breaks. The bay has three spots to choose from: “The Bay” which is a great place to catch fun rides, “The Ledges,” a perfect spot for longboarding, and “The Bench” which is an expert level zone with 12-foot waves. That said, K-bay is not beginner-friendly, you’ve got to watch out for the rocks and double-check the surf forecast before hitting the beach.

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Porthleven, Cornwall

Porthleven is an excellent spot for expert surfers, located on Cornwall’s south coast. It’s known to have short, right-hander barrels that are quite shallow, and that’s why it is labelled as an expert surf spot. Porthleven’s reputation means its busy with locals, photographers, and surfers trying to catch the perfect wave. So be sure to treat everyone with respect and wait for your turn. Also, be more cautious at high and low tide as the beach has a rocky bottom.