Things beginners need to prepare before enjoying inflatable kayaking (Part 2)

You can enjoy kayaking in many environment such as rivers, lakes, bays, estuaries, streams, waterfalls, sea. Please consider choosing the right type for yourself.

Sitting at the correct load

Kayaks are designed for 1-2 rowers. Therefore, depending on whether it is a single or double boat, what is the weight of the person sitting to estimate the number of seats for the correct load.

Fully equipped and practiced how to use the rescue equipment including life buoys, life jackets, even when you know how to swim to prevent emergencies such as overflowing, overturning, sinking the boat.

Survey and understand the terrain, plan the distance, and especially do not forget to see the weather forecast so that you can be proactive in all situations. The process of rowing, rescuing, and rescuing always ensures to comply with the instructions of the team leader, the leader, or the rescuer.

Note on costumes and accessories included in the boating session

Kayaking is one of the most popular water sports nowadays. Like other water sports, suitable clothes and accessories for inflatable kayaking are sportswear or those that fit comfortably. Wear sneakers or strapless sandals. The necessary accessories are glasses, raincoats. Besides, electronic equipment: phone, watch, camera… need to have waterproof protective equipment.

Other notes

When boating an inflatable kayak, it is important to keep in mind that you should go in groups, do not stand on the boat, do not litter indiscriminately. Start trying sailing in calm water until you adapt and become mature before moving to larger and more rugged terrain.

Inflatable kayaks usually come in two types including short paddle and a long paddle. Short paddle with short paddle step but push the boat away faster than long paddle. The square paddle type is easier for the beginner, while the professionals choose a feathered paddle.

Sitting and rowing with the most comfortable position and position when rowing, relax your hands, no need to tighten or grip too tightly.